Introducing Lotus Fitness

We Welcome you to the New Era of Fitness. We believe in flexible approach and everything is done in the interest of our client's. Our Founder Mr. KUSHAGRA WADHWA liked the name Lotus and have choosen the name "LOTUS" from our Vedic Scriptures. Because Lotus and it's leaves depicts the entire Philosophy of our Life.


This Fitness related Service Provider (Online and Offline ) Company : is founded by Mr. KUSHAGRA WADHWA

  • A Yoga Teacher

  • Nutritionist

  • Personal Trainer 

Psychological Health (Yoga) Creates Physiological Health (Nutrition) and Physical Fitness (Exercise)

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We focus on overall well-being of our client's. We are one stop solution for your all Fitness related goals like General Fitness, Special Population (Client's with medical condition) and Sports Specific goals. Thus, We have kept a Counseling sessions absolutely free directly with our founder Mr. KUSHAGRA WADHWA. Because without understanding, One can't be Consistent in their efforts. 

Pune, Maharashtra, India


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